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Looking for the best pre-wedding photographer in Melbourne? Contemplating if it is worth having a pre-wedding photography shoot? Here is everything you should know about pre-wedding shoots in Melbourne!

Pre-Wedding Photography Melbourne Is All About You And Your Partner…

Pre-Wedding Photography Melbourne

Pre-wedding photography is an additional service that many wedding photographers provide. There are many benefits of having a pre-wedding photo shoot in Melbourne of which the biggest one is the photographer being able to spend quality time with the bride and the groom solely focusing on capturing stunning images without the added stress of the day.

The couple will have a better idea of how the professional photographer operates and will ensure they will be more comfortable posing in front of the camera on the big day. As well as being able to sample the wedding photographer’s style, it is also a great way to have professional images for invites, guestbooks and social media. A lot of the time the pre-wedding photos turn out better and more creative than photos on the day. 

Many pre-wedding photographers give you the choice of a number of themes and Melbourne locations for pre-wedding photos. Very often, couples display the cultural roots of their heritage in their guestbook and pre-wedding album. Other more modern couples prefer dreamy locations and exquisite clothing – like a glamorous photo shoot to capture the personality of the couple. 

The most popular kind of pre-wedding photo session is the candid style. These photos portray a natural and effortless mood, where pictures are candidly captured in a stunning backdrop.

Being amongst the best pre-wedding photographers in Melbourne, we take it as our responsibility to ensure the couple feels comfortable, as, after all, we understand most of us are not runway models. 

It is important to note that not all photographers are experienced in capturing candid shots and there are many styles of wedding photography that exist. This is the reason why you must choose the best pre-wedding photographer Melbourne who has proven through their portfolio that they are comfortable with creative and photo shoots. Although at most weddings there will be a similarly styled photo shoot, usually this is much shorter and couples are not as good with responding to prompts with the stressors of the day.

Pre-wedding photography Melbourne has picked up over the last few years in all cultures embracing these short creative sessions before their big day. Here are a few reasons Why You Should Book in a Pre-Wedding Photography Shoot in Melbourne:

10 Reasons Why You Should book a Pre-Wedding Photography Melbourne

Pre-Wedding Photography Melbourne

Reason#1 Getting rid of camera jitters

As mentioned above, with pre-wedding shoot couples are usually much better models as they will be more relaxed and hence the photos will turn out much more natural and candid.

At Flashback Feels, we use certain prompts suited to the personality of the couple to try and hone in on these shots. Without the pressure of the big day and a big crowd, we can ensure we get the perfect shot with the perfect lighting and poses. 

Reason #2: Photos in different Melbourne locations

wedding photography Melbourne

A lot of planning goes into the pre-wedding shots as the photographer can plan every aspect of the photos. Pre-wedding photos usually occur in a variety different locations which is great as this is not always practical during the wedding day to allow for this luxury. Often, a region where there are multiple sceneries is ideal such as beaches, forests, mountains. In Greater Melbourne, Red Hill and Arthur’s Seat is a prime example. 

You may also want to relieve the moments where you first saw each other, the place of the proposal, or any other location that’s special to the both. There are endless ideas that you may want to try, and you will be surprised at the impact it leaves on your pre-wedding album. Years later, when you look at these pictures, you will be reminded of those memories that were so crucial to building your relationship. 

Reason #3: It’s not your wedding day

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This session is usually a lot of fun as you are not amidst the hustle-bustle of several things around you. Also, you certainly don’t have to coordinate a multitude of things like on the day of the event.

Though your photographer will be a part of all the proceedings throughout the day and photos will be taken accordingly, no one will be there reminding you of the schedule for the day during your pre-wedding photoshoot. This is an all-exclusive shoot of just you, your partner and maybe your pet.  

In some situations, pre-wedding engagement photography sessions may also have the couple posing in their wedding attire. While this may seem unusual for some, many couples find it so much easier to have a dedicated photo shoot in their wedding attire on a completely different day. 

Reason #4: Plan out your photos to perfection

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There is a great benefit of planning out your pre-wedding shoot. Although the technical aspects such as lighting and backdrops are primarily done by the photographer, you can help the by discussing places that are special to you, and the style you want to portray.

The pre-wedding photography Melbourne session may last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. Sessions that require traveling typically take a bit longer.

The couple may want to have elaborate sequences and even decide to use props such as boats and farm animals for their photos. Also using a flare in photography has also taken off in the past few years, the options are endless so let us know your ideas.

Reason #5: Hair and make-up trial

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This is an opportunity to try out your hair and make-up before your big day to see how you will look in professional photos.

Some stylists prefer to keep a trial day for make-up and hair demo, so your pre-wedding photo shoot can be that day when you can try out a style from the wedding.

Advise your stylist if you want any adjustments to your make-up and hair to suit the photography style that you would like to have for the event.   

Reason #6: Get the exact photos you want

pre-wedding photos

During the wedding day you may not always have the energy to decide what shots you want. After all, this event is yours and you must be happy with the images.

With a pre-wedding photo shoot you have the resources to retake the photos over and over again until you are happy with the result.

While the pre-wedding photo session will make you feel comfortable and forget the nerves of your event, it also guides the professional photographer to understand what you really like for the big day. From our experience at Flashback Feels, the outcome of pre-wedding photography is usually amazing as you will be happy with the way things turn out.

Reason #7: Reception slideshow

pre wedding photography Melbourne

The photos produced from a pre-wedding shoot can become a main decor of your reception.

Often, your guests will be amazed watching the slideshow of your love story with such high-quality images.

Dim the lights for ten minutes, play some beautiful music in the background and let the photos splash on the venue screens. 

If timing permits, pre-wedding photographs can be showcased at your bridal shower as well.

With so many photos captured during your pre-wedding photography session, you can also highlight your love story for your engagement party as well.  

Reason #8: Invitation and save the date cards

Wedding Card

It is recommended that you have your pre-wedding photo shoot at least two months before your wedding. This will give you sufficient time to put together these photos in your wedding invitation and save the date cards.

Choose some of the best shots from the photoshoot to be added as part of your event invitation cards.

For digital invitations such as your wedding website where guests can discover more about you and your partner, the date and details of the event all at one place is just perfect to highlight photos of your love story.

Reason #9: The Wedding album

wedding photographer Melbourne

Having pre-wedding photos in your wedding album is an informal way to start the story. If you have hired the same Melbourne pre-wedding photographer for your wedding, you don’t need to send these pictures to add to the final album.

During your discussion with the photographer just mention that you would like the album to start off with some of these candid pictures.

After all, your love story is incomplete without a glimpse of your beautiful relationship. This also gives a variety of clothes you’re wearing and different locations too.

Reason #10: Wall art

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Pre-wedding photos often turn out more ‘couply’ as you’re usually dressed in casual clothes. With a wall dedicated to photos of the both of you and mixed with your wedding images can be a whole lot of fun. Colourful prints and canvases from your photoshoot can be displayed in your bedroom and living room. 

A pre-wedding photo shoot can really tell the story and personality of a couple. These pre-wedding photos are a true testimony of the emotional connection between you and your partner. For your photographer, it is the best way to understand the personality of you and your partner, whether you prefer a posed or candid style of photography.

Quite often, you will reminisce your initial chemistry with each other and relieve those romantic sparks during the shoot. With the wedding coming up very soon, you will be occupied with a lot of event planning so this is the perfect chance for you to be yourself and create those moments of togetherness that we can capture perfectly on camera. 

So, are you interested in a pre-wedding photography shoot Melbourne and looking for an experienced pre-wedding photographer trusted by couples all all around Victoria? If yes, your search ends here at the Flashback Feels Photography. We are among the best pre-wedding and wedding photographers in Melbourne offering top-notch services at reasonable prices.

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So, that’s everything you should know about pre-wedding photography in Melbourne 2021. We hope you enjoyed reading this post and it has helped you gain a better insight into this unique type of photoshoot! Also, read “How To Hire The Best Wedding Photographer In Melbourne? Wedding Photography Melbourne“. For more updates on pre-wedding and wedding photography Melbourne, stay tuned with us at Flashback Feels.