5 Places to Have Pre-Wedding Shoot in Melbourne

Pre-Wedding Shoot Melbourne: Destinations & Ideas

Melbourne and its surroundings is a heaven for photography purely due to the variety of backdrops it has to offer. With mesmerising landscapes including the coastline, forests, and hills to the upscale trendy street art in the laneways of the CBD, Melbourne has so much to offer.

As a pre-wedding shoot allows you to travel to numerous creative locations, there are particular regions in Melbourne which are prime for these types of shoots.

Despite being known for having four seasons in one day, this can often work to a photographer’s advantage, being able to take shots with a variety of lighting in different conditions often result in stunning shots (even though you might be a bit cold).

In this post, we will exclusively talk about the wonderful places to get photographed for your pre-wedding shoot in Melbourne. We shall also discuss why Melbourne is such an amazing place for pre-wedding and engagement photography.

Why Choose Melbourne For Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot?

After shooting all over Australia, there are several reasons why we at Flashback Feels find  Melbourne such a great place for pre-wedding photography. In Melbourne, you will find numerous locations that are the ideal backdrops for amazing photos in the close vicinity of each other. Photographers are able to capture stunning images in a variety of backdrops creating timeless memories. 

As you start your new chapter in life, Melbourne’s lively atmosphere along with its great balance of environmental beauty will make your images look amazing! Without the stress of the big day and the bountiful resources of a pre-wedding shoot, usually, these photographs will turn out better than the creative portraits on the day.

The Economist Intelligence Unit Report on Global Liveability Index has rated  Melbourne as the second most liveable city in the world hugely due to its fantastic culture. As professional photographers at Flashback Feels we like to capture these unique cultural aspects of Melbourne in our creative portraits – whether that’s having a cappuccino in a cafe on Lygon Street or on the City Circle.  We have listed the top five places this city has to offer for creative pre-wedding photography shoots.

Best Places to Have a Pre-Wedding Shoot in Melbourne

1. Melbourne’s Laneways

pre-wedding shoot at melbourne laneway

The charming art scene in Melbourne is one of the most iconic and vibrant in the world. The Hosier Lane in the city center is one of the must-visit sights for creative brilliance and an ever-changing feat of technicolour graffiti.

Easey’s Collingwood is the hipster joint in Melbourne with fascinating mural street art that forms the ideal backdrop for your colourful and contemporary pre-wedding photography. These walls have gotten prettier over the years with such creative masterpieces that you will surely love being photographed in such a location in your pre-wedding album.

2. Dandenong Ranges

Pre-Wedding shoot at Dandenong Ranges

About one hour east of Melbourne’s CBD we find one of the most instagrammable spots in Victoria. If you love majestic gardens, wooden bridges, and the famous Puffing Billy Steam Train, this area is an absolute must on your pre-wedding photoshoot list.

The trestle bridge located on Belgrave-Gembrook Road in Selby is our spot of choice, we can take some shots within the fauna and flora while waiting for the train to pass across the bridge, to capture the perfect moment with the perfect backdrop.

3. Iconic landmarks in the CBD

pre-wedding shoot at Iconic landmarks in the CBD

Flinders Street Station is Australia’s first city train station and the heart of Melbourne with unique architecture that you will see nowhere else.  The beautiful interior of the railway station with its several clocks from the olden times is an iconic place to have photos taken. This coupled with the gothic beauty of St. Patrick’s Cathedral has a medieval architectural style, which will surely entice photo lovers.

Parliament House or the Docklands are also a picturesque area to be captured in your pre-wedding photos.

Melbourne’s Central Shopping Center is a history to marvel at what was formerly a bullet factory. Every Melbournian knows the 84meter Coop’s Shot tower is a backdrop for many Instagram users – and by all means, it should be as we can get unique perspectives from down below. 

The Collins Street is known for the 18th Century government buildings. You will be amazed by the flamboyant towers that depict its architecture and is a gorgeous photo-worthy spot.

Finally, Carlton Gardens is an extremely peaceful place that houses the Royal Exhibition Building, a World Heritage-listed site that provides a great backdrop in the middle of Melbourne.

4. Brighton Beach and the Peninsula

prewedding shoot at Brighton Beach and the Peninsula

Surfer friendly, family-oriented, or the wild back beaches, there are ample reasons for you to head to these breath-taking beaches in Melbourne. Close to the CBD we have Brighton Beach – an iconic spot for all photographers. This iconic beach has 82 colourful bathing huts that line the shoreline. This visual spectacle finds many couples visiting the beach to shooting some fun and vibrant photos for their pre-wedding

Bit further out we have the Mornington Peninsula. Surrounded by greenery, Cape Schnack amidst the waves of Bass Straits offers mesmerising panoramic views and the nearby lighthouse.

The deep blue waters of the Yacht Club make for an outstanding location for your pre-wedding photos.  

5. Redwood Forest

Redwood Forest is a magical place 1 hour East of Melbourne in Warburton. The perfectly symmetrically planted trees coupled with the subtle light leaks make it a haven for all photographers. We have had the pleasure of doing many pre-wedding photoshoots in this stunning area and this place never fails to amaze us.

Despite it being quite a busy area, there is a plentiful amount of space to portray a serene and natural feel in the photos, especially with the perfect lighting that the trees offer. 

You surely have an idea now why Melbourne is such a popular pre-wedding photography destination for couples. At Flashback Feels, we understand that the experience of your pre-wedding photoshoot sets the tone for the rest of your wedding with the same photographer. For couples in Melbourne who want to start their journey together, there are boundless places to head to for your pre-wedding photos!

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