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Once you decide to make it official, having an engagement photo shoot makes the countdown to your wedding a lot more meaningful. These days, engagement and proposal photo sessions are a trend and which offers several benefits that are irrefutable.

Having a professional photographer for your engagement or proposal photo session is a great opportunity to be comfortable when posing in front of a camera – sort of like a dress rehearsal for the big photo sessions you will have coming up.

At Flashback Feels photography and Videography, we think that our best shots have been the result of knowing what appeals to our clients by being a part of their wedding journey right from their engagement session.

4 Reasons Why Do People Have Engagement or Proposal Photo Shoots In Melbourne?

engagement 3705644 1280 e1599766329633

1. Building Up To The Wedding

The importance of an engagement or proposal photo shoot shares many similarities to a pre-wedding photo session both offering many benefits: 

Couples show their love for each other amidst the ongoing marriage traditions. The experience of being engaged is often no less than getting married. After being to a plethora of weddings, I can tell you a lot of the time, couples are a lot more emotional during the proposal. 


One of the most special moments of the journey is the proposal and making it official. A professional engagement photographer seals the deal with these fabulous timeless photos which you will remember for a lifetime. 

If you’re happy with your proposal or engagement photographer, you can book them in for pre-wedding, engagement party, and wedding photography which by then you will be very comfortable with them, just like a mate. 

But of course, engagement photo shoots come in many varieties. Some couples choose to go with simple pictures; others may want to have photoshoots at multiple locations, some want it to be discrete and a surprise while others are meticulously planned out. They want to dress into different outfits and pose with each other in stunning backdrops! The pricing for such sessions will also differ according to individual requirements. 

Couples usually enjoy being photographed together by a professional before their wedding day. They want to have pictures of the time when they got engaged all the way up to the time they get married. Just like a pre-wedding photoshoot which is the run-up to their wedding day mostly a few months in advance, a couple’s engagement usually comes first where they can learn to be relaxed and comfortable while celebrating their love.

2. A Reason To Celebrate Love


Often many couples include their engagement photographs as part of their wedding and pre-wedding albums. Firstly, this is that moment when you propose to your partner. It is an important feeling to be rightfully captured and cherished forever.

After all, many couples fondly remember the time when they said ‘I do’ and decided to take their relationship forward. Within moments of them disclosing their feelings for each other to their families and friends they become officially bounded. Hence, engagement photography usually enhances these new emotions.

For both of you, your engagement is a wonderful time of your life. Unlike wedding photos that have a formal feel to it, an engagement photo shoot is a more informal way to commemorate your love for each other. Without your guests from the wedding party present for the shoot, you can choose your outfit and have lots of fun by playfully posing with one another or capturing close moments.

Select a special location or get photographed at your favourite spot in Melbourne where you both met for the first time. With the freedom of creativity, play with your ideas while choosing photography styles that you are comfortable posing with each other.    

3. Letting The World Know.


With the popularity of social media and documenting your whole life these days, couples love to feature every detail of their love story to the world. These candid pictures do justice to their love story by revealing so much about the bond in their relationship. Just like shooting for a magazine, many future brides and grooms choose artistically captured photographs to signify that this is extra-special and not a regular picture from your cellphone camera. 

For that ‘special friend’ or the timid guy who always wanted to date this girl and has now proposed her for marriage, this moment is just the one that he cannot forget. For the lady who had long waited for her man (or woman) to pop the ‘question’, this is an utterly delightful union. Capture this new experience that you both are going through together.

When trying to figure out the next beautiful step of your life, express this feeling through a wonderful engagement photo shoot. Although smartphone pictures are a frenzy now, nothing compares to the skilled photography of an experienced professional who will take your photos many notches higher. 

When sharing your engagement photographs on social media, you want to appear to be yourselves. The custom of exchanging diamond rings also gives way to couples making vows to each other even before their wedding.

Engagements have always garnered special attention from everyone as it is the first time when two people announce themselves as a ‘couple’. The excitement and joy on their faces are incomparable and almost different than what they have on their wedding day. You see, this is not rushed and with staged pictures before your wedding, you can be more comfortable and not conscious while clicking photos. 

4. Connecting With The Photographer.

Proposal Photo Shoot Melbourne

Of all the various reasons for having an engagement photo shoot, possibly the most relevant one is to establish a connection with your photographer. Seize the time to communicate with the professional photographer so that you both are comfortable working together on the big day.

Helping your wedding photographer understand your preferences is a great aspect to the success of your wedding photography! To ensure that your run-up to the day of the wedding and the events on the big day are smooth, you must coordinate with your photographer and the best instance is an engagement photo shoot. 

Even if you’ve never been involved in a professional photo shoot, you can schedule an engagement photo shoot to check how your make-up and hair turn out as a dress rehearsal for the big day.

We at Flashback Feels know that without being in a time-crunch state there is a fair chance of us to further showcasing our potential with the camera and the lighting through various styles of photography. With these sessions fitting comfortably within your wedding budget, you can conveniently include the photos from the engagement photo shoot for your save-the-date cards and invitation.

Now that you’ve discovered why people choose to have an engagement photo shoot in Melbourne, you too can uniquely tell your love story by capturing this wonderful time of your time. Flashback Feels devotes a range of exclusive photography styles for couples to choose from for their engagement photos. Check out our work and we hope to connect soon together! Thanks for reading this post. Also, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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