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All You Need to Know About Maternity Photography Melbourne

Have you ever considered having professional maternity photos taken whilst you’ve got your baby bump showing? The concept of maternity photos has become very popular in recent years especially here in Melbourne. Pregnancy is such a beautiful time in a woman’s life.

Many women want to treasure this special time through professional photographs. Maternity photographers are specialised to help document the sentiments and the emotions that you go through during this phase of your life.

At Flashback Feels, our experienced photographers are experts in capturing candid intimate shots of a couple and their soon to be child. Together, We carefully plan out shots in all of your chosen locations to match your desired mood. We understand that couples are not models so we ensure that it’s a very comfortable experience during the entire shoot – just like hanging out with a mate.

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Understanding The Concept Of Maternity Photography Melbourne

The Location

Maternity Photography Melbourne

For many, this kind of portrait photography may be quite foreign. Expecting mothers often like the idea but are unsure where to begin. There are three places that you can use as a backdrop for your candid shots. The most basic one is your photographer’s studio where you can use the interior lights, props, and more.

If you prefer documenting the memory in a more personalized manner, then your home can be a great place where you can shoot indoors. Another popular and the most preferred option by our clients at Flashback Feels is the outdoor location such as a park or a historic location.

Melbourne has some of the world’s most spectacular outdoor views that serve as the ideal hotspot for photography. Whatever may be your preferred photography style, our maternity photography in Melbourne is one of the most sought after by our subjects.

Melbourne’s famous parks such as the Royal Botanic Gardens with its expansive lawns is always a great place for maternity photography. East Melbourne has some heritage highlights and among them is the 150-year old Fitzroy Gardens with the natural landscape and historic sights.

The gorgeously landscaped Carlton Gardens of the Victorian era is an eye-catching park with the Royal Exhibition Building in the background. Treasury Gardens, Alexandra Gardens, and the elevated Melbourne Skypark are few other special mentions.

The Clothing – Maternity Photography Melbourne

The Clothing - Maternity Photography Melbourne

After you’ve decided upon the place for these photo sessions, you should consider what to wear to compliment your look? If the local park is your location of choice, you can rock casual and comfortable clothing which often reflecting your personality as a couple. 

If you’re planning to get photographed in the photographer’s studio or your own house, then you have more clothing options and variety. Photographers suggest having a flowing cloth as a prop that highlights your belly. You can also wear your pre-wedding clothes if they still fit.

Of course, your jeans will not fit but you can fold them down to show your baby bump. However, most photographers will work with you with what you’re comfortable wearing and whether you want to expose as much or as little of your body in the photos.                

Maternity Photography Melbourne Pricing

Maternity Photography Melbourne Pricing

Portrait packages for your maternity and newborn photography vary from one studio to another. Photographers charge a fee for these sessions and in addition to this, you will have to purchase the photographs. For portrait photography, your specialist photographer will charge for the sitting fee.

Also, you will be offered a number of pricing packages to choose from according to your requirements. These vary from a single portrait print to albums with many sized images. A minimum of 1-2 hours is required for you to be comfortable and pose for these photography sessions. During this session, the photographer will get to know you and help you become comfortable. A relaxed subject converts into better portraits.

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Tips For Hiring The Best Maternity Photographer Melbourne

Tips For Hiring The Best Maternity Photographer Melbourne

A great way to start your search for a maternity photographer in Melbourne is with recommendations from your friends and family.

Ask the expert photographer whether they specialise in such type of photography. Get a feel of their photography style by looking at their portraits.

Hire a specialist who is experienced in maternity photography. This style of photography requires its own specialization and professionals are able to make the photos come out well.

Being A Special Subject For Photos

special maternity photography session melbourne-min

Many women think they may not look beautiful when pregnant. Although being photographed is the last thing you may want, you need to remember that you’re at that stage in life when you’re possibly the happiest and you will look back at these photos which will bring back memories of these good days.

A professional photographer who specializes in maternity portraits will take this aspect into their advantage and make you look confident and glamorous. If you still think you may not look as gorgeous and attractive in photos, then you should look at the thousands of exclusive maternity photography pictures that are posted on Instagram. Thousands of couples actually hire a professional to get themselves photographed at incredible locations with amazing results!

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When we talk about the best photography locations then the city of Melbourne usually tops in our list of most scenic backdrops. There are several photo-worthy spots in Melbourne and no wonder they are the most notable hotspots for Instagram pictures. From the vibrant street art culture and the hustling Queen Victoria Market, the serene Yarra River, and the Victoria Library–every location has a uniqueness to it.

Maternity photography Melbourne specialists truly leave no stone unturned to get the best shots, ask your photographer for ideas!

Improving Self-Esteem

maternity photography Improving Self-Esteem

Being pregnant can be uncomfortable, but when you look back you will really miss your baby’s movement in your womb. A little pampering from your photography sessions in Melbourne’s backdrop will surprise you by what you see in those photos. You will not believe how beautiful you look when wearing a dress specially made for this session.

Your hair running down your cheekbones making you look lustrous and makeup to complement your attire make everything perfect! Schedule your appointment for creative and versatile maternity photography by a photographer in Melbourne who will ensure that you are documented well. After all, this is not just a memory for you but for your baby as well.

partner love maternity photographs melbourne

While feeling camera shy is very common for women at this time. But there are several reasons why you should consider having a maternity photography Melbourne session.

The precious gift of pregnancy is a brief time when you carry the small one inside you. This is especially true given the fact the length of time you get to spend with your child once they are born.

The sensation of the baby somersaulting within you is something that brings a great feeling of joy. It can be easily forgotten through the years after your child is born as it is over before you know it. Having a photographer capture those moments will let you preserve the memory forever. 

The Memories

Melbourne maternity photoshoot Memories

Kids usually grow up too quickly even before you’ve lived your childhood with them. Once grown, they too cherish these memories with you. One of the most incredible and fun moments that you can share with your child is the time when you were pregnant.

Showing how you looked when carrying the baby in your tummy will be such a beautiful moment for your child. Give your child the gift of these stunning photographs to show how precious the baby was even before it was born. 

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It can be terrifying to get captured by a photographer, but there are several reasons why you want to document this time. Despite what you may think pregnancy is a lot shorter than you may think – usually there are only a couple of months where you really look pregnant.

This is your special time and a professional Melbourne photographer will make your photos look extraordinary! Embrace this special time and gift yourself and your baby the bond of togetherness by getting captured in such timeless snaps. Maternity photography Melbourne services will help you realise how beautiful you are when you are feeling so uncomfortable. 

Welcoming The New Family Member

Newborn photography Melbourne - Welcoming The New Family Member

The photographer will let you discover your inner creativity as you go beyond the usual heart on the tummy photos. Make suggestions to the photographer and be as creative as you possibly can. Specialist maternity photographers encourage the expecting mother to discuss the kind of session she wants prior to the start of the photography.

When shooting outdoors, you can be relaxed and expose yourself to the soft natural light that flatters your face. This can be a part of your traditional maternity shots.

Mom-to-be-models can be a little playful by using soft fabric as a prop for these candid shots. Many expecting mothers today are ready to push their limits by experimenting with lighting options. As photographers at Flashback Feels, we know that the time of the day impacts the photography output.

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Obviously, the natural light is stronger when we shoot in the middle of the day. We create a situation where you can do minimal posing and we still can have the most amazing pictures. However, we keep in mind not to expose you to the harsh rays of the sun for a long period of time. 

Melbourne newborn photography - baby girl sleeping

Artistically inclined photographers are more prone to use backlight or sidelight to enhance photography. We don’t just take the usual belly shots, but our emphasis is on capturing the radiant glow on the model’s face, by capturing her expressions from different angles.

We make you feel comfortable for more candid and interesting shots. This will make your photographs fun and creative. Our aim is to ensure that you are not stressful and celebrate the wonderful time when the new member is yet to come to the family.

Newborn Photography Melbourne

Newborn Photography Melbourne

Capture the most adorable image of your infant with newborn photography Melbourne services. Your newborn child is extremely cute and cuddly. The time that you spend with your kid will be over too soon and they will grow up too fast. There will just be a few months for you to document the infant stage of your baby before they start to become naughty and playful. 

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Create A Life Story For Your Newborn Baby

Newborn Photography Melbourne - Create A Life Story For Your Newborn Baby

Back when our parents were young, photography and videography were not readily available. Parents would hire a photo lab specialist or even a painter to capture these images. Also, not many families could afford these services as it would be quite costly. Hence, many did not have their childhood documented. Luckily these services are easily accessible today and it isn’t as expensive as it was back then.

The digital camera has completely changed the photography scene. Today there is no reason why you cannot have photography and videography of your baby through the growing years. 

Remembering The Features Of Your Baby

infant baby photography melbourne

Parents get fond of certain features of their baby like their cute eyes and nose, rosy lips, tiny toes, eyelashes, dimples, etc. Newborn photography captures those tiny details about your baby even as the years pass by. An expert photographer will have many ideas on how to make these beautiful features stand out. This amazing time gives more than a chance to capture these through good images in a professional style.

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Loving The Idea Of A Unique Maternity Photography Melbourne Session

Loving The Idea Of A Unique Maternity Photography Melbourne Session

Getting the best photos of motherhood is well-performed by a professional pregnancy photographer who adds some wonderful effects so that the pictures look more appealing. Photography is all about the mother and the baby.

The pictures will be captured from various angles to emphasize the glow on your face. Also, the timing of maternity photography is very important. These shots must be shot within the 6-8 months pregnancy stage when you can be comfortable posing for the camera and look your glowing best.

A good pregnancy photographer will give you some great memories from this photoshoot. So, make sure you hire a good photographer who can establish a connection with you, making you feel relaxed and comfortable.

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Flashback Feels photographers will let you know the do’s and don’ts of the maternity photoshoot so that both you and the child are safe during this time. After having the creative maternity photography Melbourne session, you can also opt for a newborn photography session once the baby arrives.

pregnancy photography melbourne - pregnant mother

An artistic newborn photography session in Melbourne is a brilliant idea. Mother’s hands and belly can be combined with the close-up of the face, feet and the leg of the newborn that creates an interesting effect. 

Celebrate the new life in your family by creating an album of pregnancy portraits through maternity photography Melbourne session and infant photos through newborn photography.

Flashback Feels has worked on fine art maternity albums using sheer fabrics for the desired style of photography. Consult our specialist photographers in maternity photography to know more.

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