Photography starts at $2699

Videography starts at $2899

Combined Photo/Video starts at $4699

As no two weddings are the same, we like to tailor personal packages suited to our couples' needs


Where are you based and do you travel?

We’re based in Melbourne but we love a good adventure to regional Victoria and beyond as travelling adds to the excitement of a wedding day.

We usually arrive at least one day earlier and will work with you prior the wedding to make the entire process as easy as possible. Additional travel and accommodation costs apply for interstate and overseas weddings.

How much do you charge for Drone footage?

ZERO. That’s right – we don’t charge extra for drone footage! Why? We love flying our drone, so it seems ridiculous to put up another barrier to getting it up in the air. However, weather, time and legal restrictions apply and we will run you through these prior to the day.

Who will be our photographer/videographer on the day?

Neth & Ray shoot most wedding bookings throughout the year. If we’re busy, we split our talented team up. The four of us work very closely together to bring your vision to life & edit your photos and videos to a consistent style that we’ll guarantee you’ll love for years to come.

What is your COVID-19 Policy?

We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone. All of our bookings come with a reschedule guarantee and we will ensure we are available for your date.

Can we organise a meeting with you?

Of course! Neth and Ray love a no-obligation consultation for anyone interested as we want to see if we’re a good fit for each other. We usually meet at a cafe but recently, a Zoom meeting has been the preferred method of meeting – quick, easy and you don’t even have to put on pants!

How long before we get our final photos and videos?

We will send you a handful of sneak peek photos within 48 hours after your wedding. It will take roughly 8-12 weeks to receive your final wedding photos. As we edit all the photos and videos ourselves we put a lot of care and love into perfecting our work to showcase exactly how the day unfolded.

I don't know how to pose!

Don’t worry, most couples we shoot for are not models and posing is very awkward for most people. Our team are really fun and we want moments to be authentic. We are really good at telling which prompts will work with different couples from their personality. None of the married couples on our website are models.

Can I choose the music for my wedding video?

Yes, we use a music service called Musicbed which we have full licensing to, which we have found to have the best catalogue of music and artists. Usually we can tell from the wedding what sort of music you will enjoy – but we encourage you to send us through music you like!

Due to copyright laws, we aren’t able to use music that we haven’t obtained the rights of (such as popular songs you hear on the radio) – if we try and upload or share anything it will be taken down and we could be in trouble.

What do you require to book us in?

Just a 25% deposit is required to lock in your date into our diary

What are your risk management strategies?

We’ve thought about virtually every possible scenario, and implemented strategies to minimise any risk to losing your photos or videos.
Firstly, all of our cameras are top of the range models that record your photos and videos directly onto two separate memory cards. This means that if one memory card is to stop working, your photos or videos are safe on the other one.

Next, we make sure to switch out our memory cards periodically throughout the day, so even in the extreme event that our camera is stolen or equipment breaks, your photos and videos are safe.

We also have several cameras and lenses in our bag, so that if there is a technical fault with one camera, we can switch it out to another camera.

After getting home, we will immediately transfer all of our files onto our big hard drive as well as upload it to our cloud system. As all the files are in 4 separate places, we are confident even in the worst case scenario, we will still have your beautiful shots from the day.

Next Step

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