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frequently asked questions


We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone. All of our bookings come with a reschedule guarantee and we will ensure we are available for your date.

Of course! We love a no-obligation consultation for anyone interested as we want to see if we’re a good fit for each other. We usually meet at a cafe in Templestowe but due to COVID-19 restrictions, a Zoom meeting has been the preferred method of meeting – quick, easy and you don’t even have to put on pants!

Just a 25% deposit is required to lock in your date into our diary

For the first hour from Melbourne CBD, we don’t charge any travel fees! After an hour, we charge at a rate of $3 per minute.

We’ve taken hundreds of photos at several different locations all over Victoria, so we’ll suggest all the scenic and romantic locations available within your time schedule and decide together! Whether you’re after traditional photos like on Parliament steps and Melbourne CBD or a more relaxed shoot on St Kilda Pier and St Kilda Botanical Gardens, we’ve got you covered!

Yes, we have public liability insurance, as well as damage cover for all of our equipment.

Yes! We love a good adventure and travelling adds to the exciting of your big day. We will work with you prior to your wedding to ensure that the entire process is as easy as possible. Additional costs apply

No, we’re a really small team and strongly believe that the professional shooting the wedding should always edit the content too. This ensures we are consistent in quality and the creative side of things won’t be compromised.

This also means you will be in constant contact with us from the pre-meeting all the way to delivery so we can bypass the “getting to know us” phase. 


You will receive your photos via an online album.

We don’t have limits on the amount of photos we deliver to you, but on average, we end up delivering around 700 photos for a typical wedding

We will send through 10 of our favourite photos edited either on the night or the next morning so you can upload them to social media right away!
In delivering all of your photos and videos, we never rush the editing process and prefer to take our time to ensure every one of your photos and videos is perfect. Depending on how busy we are during the year, we will take no more than 3 months to deliver your photos and videos.

All photos taken will be delivered in high resolution which can be used for prints and photo enlargements. 
Also we couldn’t think of anything worse than having a watermark on our wedding photos so no branding will be slapped on your memories. 

Don’t worry, most couples we shoot for are not models and posing is very foreign and awkward. Our team is really fun and experienced in that we want moments to be authentic, we are really good at telling which prompts will work with different couples from their personality. None of the married couples on our website are models 🙂

Professionally designed from your favourite photos (approximately 50-60 photos) Includes black presentation box with black wrap, white gloves, album care card and certificate of authenticity.

8 x 10″ Photo Album with 40 pages (20 double spreads) of your favourite photos Leatherette cover with personalised gold embossing printed on Fine Art 1mm matte paper.

Professionally designed from your parents’ favourite photos (approximately 30-40 photos)

8 x 10″ Photo Album with 20 pages (10 double spreads Printed on 1mm matte paper with personalised image cover with a protective laminate coating


You will receive your wedding film via an online video platform.
You can share or download your film with family and friends.

Your feature edit depending on the file size will be delivered via a Google Drive link ready to download.

ZERO. That’s right – we don’t charge extra for drone footage! Why? We love flying our drone, so it seems ridiculous to put up another barrier to getting it up in the air (weather, time and legal restrictions apply).

We never rush the editing process and prefer to take our time to ensure every your videos are perfect. Depending on how busy we are during the year, we take a maximum of 3 months to deliver your content. You will have 14 days after delivery for any revisions you would like to undertake, provided they are within reason. 

All the best moments of the day edited artistically into one beautiful film capturing the emotion of the day. This includes snippets of speeches and vows to showcase your love for each other. This is the video you show to all your family and friends, post on social media and enjoy for a lifetime. We find the ideal amount of time for a highlights film is 3-5 minutes, however we do offer longer edits for those who want more speeches or songs included in their film.

All the formalities compiled into one big video, with multiple camera angles. This includes the ceremony in full, all speeches, the first dance and any other symbolic moments requested by the couple. All of the footage will be colour corrected with high quality audio and is usually between 30-60 minutes long.

This is an upgrade and extended version of the feature edit covering from preps to end of the day everything inbetween.

Great to watch back on to relive the funny or fiery candid moments you may have forgotten that have occurred throughout the day. 

This is a standard for our premium packages. 

If you would like to keep all of your wedding video footage as an archive or to edit yourself in the future, consider purchasing the raw, unedited video footage. We only have a limited amount of storage space so we do not archive all of your raw footage after we have delivered your videos.

As the total size of all video files from multiple cameras is high definition, file sizes are quite large and this will be supplied on a 1 TB hard drive.

This footage will not have any colour correction, audio enhancement or adjustments but each individual file will be processed by us so they can be watched individually on your computer.

Risk Management Strategies

We’ve thought about virtually every possible scenario, and implemented strategies to minimise any risk to losing your photos or videos.
Firstly, all of our cameras are top of the range models that record your photos and videos directly onto two separate memory cards. This means that if one memory card is to stop working, your photos or videos are safe on the other one.

Next, we make sure to switch out our memory cards periodically throughout the day, so even in the extreme event that our camera is stolen or equipment breaks, your photos and videos are safe.

We also have several cameras and lenses in our bag, so that if there is a technical fault with one camera, we can switch it out to another camera.

After getting home, we will immediately transfer all of our files onto our big hard drive as well as upload it to our cloud system. As all the files are in 4 separate places, we are confident even in the worst case scenario, we will still have your beautiful shots from the day.