Nearly all couples will hire a photographer of some sort for their wedding (ranging from Uncle Bob with an iPhone to the best in the business). However, as videographers have gained more and more attention lately and even now becoming the norm in a standard wedding, there are many people who still question the need for a professional videographer.

Although there is a lot of overlap between photographers and videographers, you’ll normally find that they have their own distinct spin of creativity, and can work together in the same environment to fully capture one of the most special days in your life. Wedding photography and videography go hand in hand and in nearly all cases it is best to hire both to avoid regret missing out on capturing parts of your day. 

Difference Between A Photographer And A Videographer

Difference Between A Photographer And A Videographer

Both the couple and wedding planner should realize that the roles of a wedding photographer and a videographer are not interchangeable. Their jobs are completely different from one another and both can thrive in the same setting without impacting each other.

We often get asked if the photographer can take video as well (vice versa) – and although this may seem silly to us – there is this misconception that if you can take photos you’ll be a good videographer.

At Flashback Feels, we understand that our photography and videography professionals do have some similarities – and most of the packages we book are combined. In terms of the kind of work they do, there is a marked difference between the processes and specialties. We will discuss these differences through our pre wedding consultation with the clients to ensure we’re all on the same page. 

Importance Of Wedding Photography

Wedding photography has been around since our grandparents were born. In fact, the need to capture shots as a memory of events was the first aspect that brought the art of photography so much attention in society.

Even till today, as much as photography has evolved and photographers have mastered their skills to produce impeccably sharp images, the basic concept still remains the same. People understand the effort and the expertise that a photographer puts in to create those awe-inspiring shots on your wedding day that will be treasured for generations. 

Importance Of Wedding Videography

So, you may ask what is the unique role of companies who specialise in wedding videography Melbourne if the majority of the day is already caught via photos? In a nutshell, capturing the emotions, storytelling, and appealing to our other senses is what wedding videography is all about.

Although wedding videography was not so popular back in the day and filming was mostly for high production cinematography purposes, technology has now evolved in that it is much more affordable and viable to have one of the most important days of your life filmed. From weddings to birthday parties, or even home and travel filming, videos are now the go-to form of media that is quickly catching up with photos.

Despite knowing about its benefits, many still do not realise that the effort put into capturing video footage is just as much if not more than photography,  Many people don’t have a clear understanding of the amount of work that a videographer does to document an event and edit a film such that clients should be happy with their work.

There are many skills a videographer possesses that often goes under the radar to the general population. These range from setting up audio, lighting managing multiple cameras at one time, and using specialised equipment such as a gimbal or a drone. 

Creating a video is much more than what you see in the end product. One of the biggest assets of capturing via video is the audio. To record the best professional-grade audio it is essential to have multiple audio sources and backup placements.

For weddings, this often includes plugging a recorder into the audio system, a lapel mic on the groom and celebrant (as couples aren’t good at speaking into the microphone) as well as an on-camera microphone. Both audio-visual content and sound recording must be synchronized during editing, which requires specialised programs to do so. 

In order to capture stunning footage and avoid missing crucial moments, it is essential to use the correct setups and multiple cameras.  Moments only happen once during weddings and videographers work with footage from multiple sources during editing to get the perfect shot.

Guests will inevitably stand in front of cameras during crucial moments especially during the crux of the ceremony so it is an art to anticipate these excited guests and have multiple shots.

Using stabilizers and drones are a whole other skill in itself which requires a lot of additional training to execute well. Editing video is a whole different ball game altogether. For most weddings, at least 400GB of footage is captured – which is 4x more than an average photographer.

Videographers have to go through that footage for hours, which must be synchronized with the audio sources and matched with different cameras. The compiled footage is then put sequentially to tell a story using the creative mind of a videographer – the audio-visual impact of a video emphasises the storytelling element of wedding videography. 

Where Wedding Photographers Shine?


While videographers are capturing hours of footage using their expert skills, the photography team should not be discounted. Experienced wedding photographers are experts at shooting with purpose which takes experience and a plethora of practice to efficiently capture the shots they want!

It’s about capturing that one snapshot of a moment which the couple can plaster in their home or on social media. With every shot, they are weaving a beautiful scene of many moments, that’s the beauty of stills.

Wedding photos are essentially the highlights from the whole day which can be sorted through at a glance. People are able to skim through 500 photos in one sitting but watching a video requires a lot more patience and the right environment.

We often find photos are great for sharing with guests, family and using them for social media and prints while videos are better for portraying the emotions of the day as well as telling the story of the couple via vows and speeches.

Getting Along With Each Other

You’ve probably heard many stories of photographers not getting along with the videography team at weddings which ultimately the couple suffers. This is often because of someone getting in the way of each other.

Luckily most of the time, the two teams work together really well and communicate throughout the day. It is inevitable that there will be some crossover and interference – but this is nearly always worked out through communication.

At Flashback Feels, we book many combined packages and it helps so much when we all know each other and are always on the same note. I can’t even count the number of times the photographer will help readjust a tripod if they walk past and someone has knocked it out of place. 

Having The Same Intention

No matter how many photographers or videographers you hire for your event, these professionals have the same end goal which is to capture your day in the style and way you want. As a specialist in combined packages, we realise that it is our best interest to ensure that both photography and videography are at its highest quality without compromise. 

It’s often a good idea to introduce the photographer and videographer prior to the wedding so on the day they already have a good rapport. 

Planning Prior To The Event

Even more important than having the best skills and equipment while shooting an event is the need to communicate and plan prior to the event. Leading up to the date of the event, professional videographers and photographers will plan and prepare their shots and equipment – the running schedule is key here and after asking for the full schedule, there will often be one made specifically for photography and videography.

CONCLUSION: Photography Vs. Videography

In the age of social media and technology, it is easier now than ever before to document your wedding in a professional manner. Both wedding photographers and videographers are skilled professionals at what they do and provide a unique aspect of the day – photos specialising in snapshots of the day appealing to a person’s visual senses while video draws attention to the emotions and putting the viewer through a heartfelt journey through audio and cinematic sequences. This is the reason why we believe no doubt it is essential to have both photography and video at your wedding.

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Mel and Gab’s Melbourne wedding was a photographer’s dream. The 14 hour day enabled us to access the best Melbourne wedding photography locations from the picturesque inner city tramlines and laneways to the regional outskirts of Melbourne. Ending in one of the most unique wedding venues in Melbourne, Windmill Gardens provided a great backdrop for the fireworks.

Set in a rustic woolshed boasting a large open air venue, this couple’s country wedding on the outskirts of Melbourne was both vintage and romantic. This couple were looking for a wedding photography team who would be able to capture their playful personalities in a candid way. Their wedding videography was also one of a kind: showcasing some of the most beautiful landscapes we have ever captured.

This gorgeous couple wanted to keep their day simple and elegant and our wedding photography and video team was able to reflect this in the delivery. Set in the relaxed and stunning venue of Butterfly – Red Hill, this beautiful area of Greater Melbourne was a rustic charm providing us with a great backdrop for an amazing night.