Wedding Planning Tips

One of the most challenging jobs of planning a wedding is the run sheet. Here is a handy guide which will help with the scheduling of capturing your special day. Of course, these tips and timings are fluid, so use it more as a template which you can adapt to your own wedding. Remember to take into consideration travel time, parking and all the gear we have to lug around

Groom Preparations

(45-60 mins)

Usually this will be our first destination of the day. We will start off photographing details the groom will be wearing such as watches, cufflinks, shoes and suit. We will then proceed to capture the groom and his groomsmen getting ready for the big day. Finally, we will step back and grab some shots of the boys being themselves (usually with a drink in their hand). 
This is the only part of the day the bride does not get to see so we want to capture and show what is happening with the boys before the ceremony. 

Things to ensure we get the best possible shots on your special day:
 Don’t dress up before we get there or there will be not much for us to capture
– Have a few details ready and laid out for us (watch, cuff links, shoes, suit, tie, flower, an invite)

Bride Preparations

(60 - 90 mins mins)

Many great shots are taken during this part of the day! We will start by capturing the beautiful dress shots, details and the make-up artist doing her final touches. Often, we get a lot of dazzling shots of the elegant bride and her bridesmaids in their gowns sipping their champagne glasses.
Afterwards, we’ll get the bride (in private) to put on the dress without doing the zip up or putting on any jewelry. This is when we will capture the stunning shots of her putting on her earrings, doing up zip, helping putting on her shoes, etc. 
We may even add in a first look of either the bride’s parents or everyone at the bridal preparations at this stage. 

Things to ensure we get the best possible shots on your special day:
 Don’t dress up before we get there!  
– Have your dress hung up 
– Put all details into one spot (earrings, bottle of perfume, shoes, invite)
– Book the make-up artist so we cross over by at least 10 minutes so we can capture the finishing touches


(30 – 45 mins)

We’ve made it to the ceremony, the final hour before you get married! Just take in the moment knowing we’ll capture all the important parts – the groom’s reaction to the bride walking down the aisle; all the way to the vows and signing of the marriage certificate and everything in between. This part of the day is usually pretty similar in all weddings, so we know how to position ourselves without getting in the way.

The videographers have a difficult job at the ceremony, which is why they usually arrive at least 30 minutes before the ceremony starts. Having to set up 4 cameras with tripods and and co-ordinating where we will position ourselves is quite a task. We will plug our audio recorder into the main audio system so we get crisp high quality audio for the entire ceremony. The groom and celebrant will also have a small portable mic on them so we can capture those vows – don’t worry we won’t put a microphone on the bride.

Things to ensure we get the best possible shots on your special day: 
 If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, plan it after 2pm, especially if it is a sunny day. 2-3 hours before sunset is usually ideal for the ceremony.
– Allow for at least 30 minutes of set up time in the schedule for videography – the videographers will leave before the photographer from bride preps. 

Family Photos

(15 - 20 mins)

The (mildly) stressful part of your big day is over! Hopefully you’ve wiped away some of your tears by now and can finally relax. Directly after the ceremony, we’ll usually take a big group photo as well as photos with family and friends.

Things to ensure we get the best possible shots on your special day:
– Create a list of each group shot you want. For example: 1. Bride, bride’s parents 2. Groom, groom’s parents 3. etc.
–  Appoint someone to coordinate the group shots to efficiently organise your friends and family

Creative Location Shoot

(45 – 120 mins)

This is where we get the hero shots at a nice scenic location on or away from the venue . We will work together to work out what style of photos and videos you want. We usually start off with shots with the bridal party (and then they head straight to the bar afterwards), and then we proceed shots with just the couple.

Things to ensure we get the best possible shots on your special day:
– Try scout out locations beforehand to make things more smooth. We can always help you with location ideas!
– Consider traffic and parking requirements as well as how far you’ll have to walk


We will arrive to capture all the details of the venue before all the guests swarm in. This includes the bridal table, flowers, decorations, cake, etc. The bridal party entrance along with all the formalities (speeches, special acts, first dance) will be captured, then finally we will join the dancefloor with our cameras to get up and personal with atmosphere of the wedding reception.

If is appropriate and the timing matches up – we may take you out during golden hour (hour before the sun sets) for a few stunning sunset shots.

We take a lot of pride in ensuring our speeches are cinema quality, so we plug our audio recorder into the DJ’s sound system, and also use professional lighting equipment on the speaker. 

Things to ensure we get the best possible shots on your special day:
– Assign an area for the speaker to be in during speeches so we can set up lights there. Speeches with good lighting always looks amazing in the footage.
– Schedule 30 minutes during the reception whilst the sun is setting so we can take some romantic shots during our favourite time of the day.