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As wedding videographers, we always hear the question whether it is worth hiring a videographer to capture the day? We get the dilemma of couples who are already spending so much on the event. As hiring a photographer at every wedding is always a given, hiring a videographer often comes second fiddle and is usually on the bottom of the priority list.

So many couples find it hard to justify whether to opt for wedding videography Melbourne service after already spending so much money on the wedding. But always hear that the number one regret a bride has is not hiring a wedding videographer. 

Recap: Why Hire A Wedding Videographer?

Your wedding day is the event of a lifetime, having a wedding video lets you relive that day for decades to come. Over the years, these memories may fade, but when you watch the video on your anniversary every year, it reminds you of those priceless moments. Re-watching the video with your partner can make any day feel special! Those who couldn’t make it for the wedding can witness your special day through your wedding film. 

We know that your vows, toasts, and a lot of emotions cannot be photographed. That’s why it’s so important to capture the day multidimensionally via video. It is a breath-taking moment to hear your partner read their vows, and no matter how well that looks in a photograph, it will never come close to watching it in the video. 

To have a moment in your life with a soundtrack is rare and wedding videography provides that perfect opportunity! Here’s how much you need to spend to hire your dream team knowing that these precious moments will be passed down like heirloom for generations in your family.

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What Can You Expect From Professional Wedding Videography Melbourne Services?

While some videography services come with bundled packages, all service providers have at least one leade videographer of capturing the footage. They will be equipped with at least three professional DSLR cameras, wireless microphones, lighting, and many other accessories to be used during the ceremony, reception speeches.

Their services will usually include a cinematic highlights film, a feature edit of the formalities and sometimes an Instagram trailer. Professional videographers, like our Flashback Feels experts prefer to upload your trailer clips and curated wedding video to popular video platforms such as Wedflow and Vimeo. This serves as an amazing giveaway to your partner, family, friends, and all those who were there to witness the special time of your time.

For those who couldn’t make it, they can feel like they were there as wedding videos are great at capturing the mood of the event. Having a video link to post on your social profile and share it with these invitees will make your personalized approach to them, something for them to remember.

Also, don’t forget that with the wedding season already in and so many couples as well as viewers watching fairy tale wedding videos, the tailor-cut video of you and your partner stands a chance to become viral as well! So, you see that there are so many amazing benefits of having a professional capture your wedding footage for you to view, store, share, and pass it down for generations to come.

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The Estimated Cost Of Hiring A Wedding Videographer In Melbourne


For up to 6 to 8 hours of cinematography coverage, you can expect to shell out anything from $1600 to $4900. The footage that you receive is artistically well-edited along with multiple background tunes. Usually, the Instagram trailer is a snippet of the cinematic highlights film that gets released soon after the wedding so the brides can share a shortened version of the day on social media. As the pricing steeps up, you can expect to receive a second or third videographer, full-day documentary edit, long highlights, drone footage, and even same-day edits. 

Other higher package quotes can have anything of up to 12 hours of cinematography footage. These might include multi-camera coverage, aerial footage, and 4K recordings. This captures the fine imagery while focusing on the storytelling aspect of your wedding day. The composition of the video output, no matter what kind of videography package that you choose, will always remain about capturing those natural and beautiful moments from the perspective of a storyteller.   

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Although you may be able to find videographers for $400 to $600, wedding videography is a complete different ballgame. There is an art of storytelling and anticipating moments and emotions (what we call a run and gun style of filmmaking) which takes many years to master. Many hours go into learning how to utilize audio, lighting and multiple cameras which the everyday videographer may not do. The total cost of the wedding videography package is usually warranted as it covers things like equipment, professional staff, insurance, etc.

Our Melbourne wedding videography team provides a timeless reflection of your wedding day, filmed with a professional crew. The photographers and videographers that you hire and have a pre-wedding consultation with are precisely the professionals that come to your event. Long before the day has begun, our professionals have had already done a thorough research of the venue, family and close friends, other services, and most importantly, the couple. 

The packages that we provide include separate videography sessions and a combined offering with photography. Visit our services page to check the availability of our team for capturing your special day. No matter what package you choose or if you wish to customize them, rest assured that our world-class videography services don’t come with the premium price tag.

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