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Creative Bride & Groom Wedding Photography Pose Guide

Trending Pose Ideas for Wedding Photography Melbourne

There are those stock and standard wedding photography poses that we see and expect at every wedding. After the wedding is over, the couple and the guests line up and have their pictures taken. And then there are those unique hero poses we see which turn an ordinary couple into runway models.

Wedding photographers have a multitude of aspects to consider when posing couples and guests which is not at all an easy task. They look into the technicalities of their job for being creative while considering the social aspects of the event. With limited time and a crucial outcome to achieve, wedding photography and posing couples is a niche category of its own

Formal Wedding Photography Poses


Photography poses need not be complicated.  Wedding photographs should comprise of both formal and candid or silly images. There must be some kind of planning involved in formal photos for the wedding.

Spend some time beforehand with your photographer to work things out such as when you want the photos to be taken and the location in which you would like these formal snapshots done.

As most formal shots are usually taken directly after the ceremony, it is ideal to assign a family member or friend on the microphone to escort everyone and direct everyone to have their photo taken.

Especially with big families, you want these formal photos to be as quick and efficient as possible. Usually, the photographer will only take 2 photos, one serious and one funny one.

Informal Wedding Photography Poses

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There are lots of opportunities for photography in an informal setting. Spontaneous photographs can be shot at absolutely anytime, while the groups are posing formally too. For these pictures, it is often ideal to have a second photographer to capture the moments.

It’s worthwhile to have more than one photographer in the team as the candid images can be partly setup. It is nice to capture people when they are the most relaxed and are not distracted by the spontaneity of the occasion.

This may sound easy, but it is not just another skill of the photographer. The task of professional wedding photographers requires as much experience and understanding of these photography poses so that a relaxed look can be achieved.

Working on these aspects with your photographer will give your photographs the desired look that you want.

Recommended Wedding Photography Poses

One of the hardest things that the couple and guests face on the big occasion of a wedding is what poses they should use. A lot goes into planning the right poses. The toughest of all is to get everyone to the right place.

Guests are often shy and intimidated by the fact that they need to be a part of the photographs. Great photographers make subjects feel more at ease while posing. The more relaxed people are better will be the photographs.

Here are the various trending and unique poses for the right wedding photography Melbourne:

Turning At An Angle

wedding photography poses

Credit: PetaPixel

Instead of striking a straight posture, tilt at an angle to create the maximum impact. This creates a dynamic and flattering image. Use this moment for him whispering into her ears pose.

Tilting Head

By getting the subject to tilt their head slightly and eyes diagonal to the camera a more flattering image can be achieved. Ideally, the bride’s head and eyes should tilt towards the shoulder looking into the camera. The groom’s head must be tilted farthest from the camera.

The groom carrying the bride is an apt pose for this style of wedding photography. Another amazing pose using this style can be the one in which the bride and groom are seated in a swing of flowers or a decorated floral ring.

Chin Height

The subject’s chin height should not be too high to avoid looking arrogant or too low to project low self-esteem. This one goes well with your bridesmaids and your furry friend. Strike a pose in a historical or vintage background like the Victorian era style buildings in Melbourne.


Hands should be placed on the sides instead of the palm and back of hands facing the camera. Keeping the fingers apart presents a natural flowing line for a more relaxed feel to the picture. The hands around the groom’s neck is a great shot using this pose.


The feet of your subject should not be pointing directly towards the camera, but sideways. This avoids the subject looking unnecessarily short. Also, it is good not to distribute the weight of both feet evenly.

Keeping one foot slightly in front of the other or bent makes the subject appear more relaxed. The groom on his knees looking at the bride pose is an apt description of this shot.


In this type of photography, the bottom of the frame is at waist-length and should not cut across the mid-calf. They can hold some props or lean against the wall for some added effect.

This prevents guests at the wedding from posing with their hands hanging loose. The bride and groom during the close up sharing a laughter brings excitement to the shot.


Photographers suggest that guests can be seated cross-legged with some space left between the leg and the chair. Full-length wedding photography provides a flattering shot.

The romantic back hug fits into this style of wedding photography seamlessly. A fairy tale pose where the bride is in the arms of the groom creates magic with full-length shots.

Group Portraits

Many of the guidelines we’ve already discussed above are applicable for group photos as well. The couple can face each other or even hold one another in a closed dance position. Arms that are farthest from the camera can be positioned around each other’s waist, while they can hold hands that are closer to the camera.

However, hands that are closer to the camera can be dropped to the sides too. Don’t forget to keep your head tilted as before. The couple’s entrance at the wedding venue or even amidst fireworks in a more elaborate setting appears incredible in group photos with the guests in the backdrop.

When the couple is included in the group portrait, it is good to keep them at the center while the other guests can be lined up beside them. The use of props such as flowers, glasses, and other things such as the couch or the sofa where the couple can sit helps in bringing life to the portrait.

Checklist For Wedding Photography Melbourne

Professional photographers will consider all these factors for natural wedding photography. Experienced photographers will guide subjects correctly so that the final photos are elegant and flattering.

Wedding photography poses can be a mystery to you; however, with the right advice from an expert, you can get all the shots right. With so much going on the big day, it is easy to miss some of the most important shots. Even with lots of preparation, it is ideal to have a checklist of poses that you must include.

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The wedding photography checklist comes fairly easily to the specialist in wedding photography. There are several detailed shots that the photographer must consider for the right-click. Therefore, wedding photography tips and checklists can make a huge difference in the type of poses that can be used. These will be more relaxed and natural, captivating the true spirit of the occasion.

As the couple hiring a photographer, it is important for both parties to take a step back and understand the correct positions that will make everyone comfortable on the big day. A natural look is ideal for wedding photographs and knowing how to get the positions right can be really helpful.