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Weddings are always a big day for any photographer, with so much responsibility riding on our shoulders with the task of capturing one of the biggest days of a couple’s lives, there’s no question there will be a few nerves at each and every wedding. 

I have been photographing weddings in Melbourne for years and often get asked how I prepare for a wedding day. The key to successful wedding photography and ensuring photos turn out well is to make sure that the bride and the groom feel comfortable in front of the camera. 

Having a pre-wedding photo-shoot is a great way to calm down the nerves and make the couple comfortable with the photographer. What also works really well during such sessions is that the couple gets a good chance to coordinate their attire and make-up and see how they look in the photos.

Wedding Photography Melbourne: Do and don’ts


Since weddings are probably one of the most stressful types of photography, we make the job a little less overwhelming with the following do’s and don’ts of wedding photography (Wedding Photography Melbourne)

8 Do’s And Don’ts For Wedding Photography Melbourne

#1 Timing is everything!

watch-1245Wedding Photography Melbourne - Timing is everything

Keep a close watch on the moments that happen during a wedding. For every wedding especially in Melbourne, there will be crucial moments that only happen once and cannot be repeated.

Such as the first time the couple sets their eyes on each other down the aisle, the first kiss to seal the marriage, the first dance and even moments involving the guests’ reactions – when the bride and groom enter the venue at the reception as a married couple.

These are just some instances that you cannot recapture, we often combat any potential problems arising by taking multiple frame burst shots and meticulously planning out our position. 

#2 Focus On The Little Things | Wedding Photography Melbourne

Focus On The Little Things - Wedding Photography Melbourne

With most weddings being planned for months and years in advance, our Melbourne photographers know that every aspect of the event, all the small details have been thoroughly thought out.

Beyond the candid shots of the couple, we try and sneak out some time to photograph details like the expensive string quartet you hired or the decorations on the chairs at the reception or the necklace which has been passed down generations.

#3 Whenever possible, shoot in natural light


We at Flashback Feels emphasise on natural lighting for most of our shots as it usually results in the best, most authentic looking shots. We realise that a wedding is a special event with a lot of emotion and friends and family sharing their best moments with each other – it’s only natural to reflect the day accordingly.

You’ll often find us opening curtains and turning off artificial lights at bride and groom preps so we get the gorgeous sunlight beaming onto the subjects resulting in perfect skin tones. The flash or Speedlite is used sparingly and we don’t like to be obtrusive as we know how blinding it can be. 

#4 Invest in the appropriate equipment

camera - Wedding Photography Melbourne

A lot of the time, the most expensive cameras and fancy high tech accessories do more harm than good.

This is because the photographer you hire must understand how to use the equipment correctly and quickly.

Often the day is quite fast-paced, and there’s no time to be swapping out and setting up equipment as you may miss a shot. 

For example, we (at Flashback Feels, a wedding photography and wedding videography Melbourne service)  use high-quality lenses with wide and telephoto focal ranges so we don’t have to spend excess time swapping out lenses.

The result of good photographs is 95% the photographer and 5% equipment. I can guarantee you we could take amazing wedding photos with an iPhone (although haven’t actually tried it yet as we might get some funny looks from our couples). 

#5 Don’t be attention-seeking| Wedding Photography Melbourne


Having worked in the industry for years, I have found some photographers especially those who have worked for modelling agencies or corporate shoots, love to be the centre of attention.

At Flashback Feels, we understand that it’s about the couple and their guests, and we’re there just to capture the day. It is possible to get great shots without getting in everyone’s way attention. 

In Melbourne, a lot of our weddings are set at wineries and other naturally stunning locations. We ensure that during the ceremony, we are discrete and walk around like ninjas – capturing the shots we need without making too much noise. Again, having a prior consultation and site visit really helps in working out how to roam around without being noticed!

#6 Trying to capture absolutely everything

capturing everything - Wedding Photography Melbourne

Although there are the key shots which we would never miss as our life depended on it, as a wedding is a live event, it is pretty much impossible to capture every single moment of the day!

Our specialist Melbourne photographers at Flashback Feels know that even though there are some candid moments that would have loved to capture on camera, the best thing to do is not to dwell on it and move onto capturing the next stunning moment.

It is important to not get overwhelmed with too many moments to shoot or spending too much time in camera capturing the perfect shot. We just keep our heads up and back our previous experience and talent. 

#7 Not being prepared for every scenario

camera and equipments - Wedding Photography Melbourne

We at Flashback Feels have made many mistakes throughout our time in this industry and over the years we have fine-tuned our fail-safe systems to ensure that nearly everything that can go wrong has been anticipated.

Professional wedding photographers in Melbourne should have similar fail-safe measures in case things go pear-shaped.

For example, we always shoot on two SD cards, therefore if one card corrupts, we still have another copy – furthermore, we always change SD cards after the ceremony and key moments and put those in another bag separate from our main kit, that way just in case we have all our gear stolen – we still have photos of the day and they are not lost.

Other preparatory measures are quite common sense, keeping extra things ready at your disposal. We know that things like extra batteries, different lenses, camera charger, and even extension cords are stuff that you must have as a back-up. We even have another camera just in case for whatever reason (never happened to us before), we are able to shoot.

#8 From the couple’s side | Wedding Photography Melbourne

couple’s side | Wedding Photography Melbourne

Things that really make a difference to any wedding photography is that the couple should provide enough time for different parts of the day.

Allowing at least 30 – 60 minutes of time to the photographer in each location enhances the quality of these well-thought photos.

Also, my advice to the brides is to ensure there is enough time between the ceremony and reception for both creative shoots as well as a bit of downtime, to relax before the night festivities.

Here is a guide which can help you plan for the day: Wedding Photography Melbourne Tips 

Finally, your wedding amidst the serene Victorian backdrop is one of the happiest moments of your life. Soak in the beauty of the surroundings, while feeling glamorous and gorgeous. Enjoy every bit of the day and your photos are surely going to be brilliant! 


So, that’s all with this “Wedding Photography Melbourne – Do’s And Don’ts” article. We hope you have enjoyed reading it and it has given you some helpful information. For more articles related to wedding photography Melbourne and Wedding Videography Melbourne, do follow the Flashback Feels Blog.

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