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The number one regret a bride has is not hiring a wedding videographer. Wedding videos are unique in that they capture incredible moments from one of the most special days of your life and form it into one beautiful story that you and your family can treasure for several decades.

Both photos and videos give you a glimpse of that special day but videos are great at portraying your personality as a couple. We, at Flashback Feels, love the storytelling element and tailoring the video’s mood and style towards the couple’s personality. The overall look and feel of your wedding album and videos will depend on the videographer that you chose; however, your budget as always also plays a crucial role. 

Tips For Hiring A Wedding Videographer In Melbourne

⏩ Capturing The Little Moments

Photos are beautiful and artistic, but they fail to capture the little moments in detail. For example, you will want your wedding videographer to capture the moment when you first walk down the aisle but also the reaction of the audience as well and the teary eyed groom – all at the same time, only a skilled wedding videographer will be able to strategically capture all these moments through anticipation and experience.

You want your videographer to capture your first kiss as newlyweds and your first dance in full as well as all other formalities – this is a non-negotiable however, it is the other subtle moments where a great videographer shines. All these little moments  all contribute to the storytelling element of your wedding video. 

⏩ Seeing Those Moments Later – When You Could Not See Them Live!

The day of your wedding goes by so quickly and unfortunately, you cannot experience and witness everything. So much happens on the day that there will undoubtly be moments on the day that you will miss because after all, we don’t have eyes in the back of our heads. Luckily with multiple cameras and videographers filming the whole day – you can be assured that nearly all key moments will be captured. This includes, the teary-eyed bridesmaids, your parents dancing while you’re doing the first dance with your partner, the audience’s reaction upon seeing the entrance of the bridal party.

Most videography packages include a feature edit, which you can watch the day live as if it was broadcasted on television!

⏩ Share Your Videos With Others

Your wedding videographer will upload the video and usually create shorter clips that you can post on social media. This is a great opportunity for those friends and family members who couldn’t make it to your wedding to see how the day was!  

Wedding videos are usually uploaded to popular video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo so that they are visible to the public. Usually, there will be a copy on Facebook as well however the quality is usually not to the highest quality due to their compression algorithms

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How we operate at Flashback Feels? A Wedding Videography Melbourne Service

We, at Flashback Feels (being one of the most highly regarded wedding videography services in Melbourne), ensure that our videos are tailored specifically to the couple’s story and personality. Although most of the time, the couple gives us full creative reign, we are great are deciphering the type of people the couple is at our pre-wedding consultation and hence we are able to create best films.

➡ Storytelling Style


You have probably already gotten the message but storytelling is a huge aspect of wedding cinematography for us. This is not a standard style of videography for everyone and we blend our expertise in crafting the story in accordance with your liking. Our expertise is turning your love story into a Hollywood Film style romance film.

Often, we use vows and speeches overlayed with moments from the day to portray this story. Of course, there are many styles of wedding videography we can adapt to, and will always check with the couple beforehand.

Maybe you like wedding videos that are shot like a documentary, where your story unfolds gradually, and the viewer gets an insight into you and your partner’s life more closely.

Being one of the best wedding videographers in Melbourne requires the ability to adapt to many styles and cultures which can be determined by watching wedding videos and showreels of from previous weddings. 

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➡ Trained And Experienced In Videography


Wedding videographers, at Flashback Feels, are true video artists that are trained and have a background in filmmaking. We have multiple camera operators and editors who shoot and assemble your videos.

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life and we invest our expertise and experience to record the event.

We have filmed many weddings in the past and have seen everything under the sun happen to know that capturing certain moments is so essential. Our videographers are part of the event and we love to convey the feel of your big day by telling a story. 

➡ It’s Your Day And You Will Be Involved

All About Wedding Videography Melbourne – Flashback Feels

This comes with experience only and, at Flashback Feels,  we know that your event is an important one and it should be nothing less than a fun-filled occasion with family and loved ones.

As we spend most of your wedding day with you, we prefer to involve you in our videography style to blend with your preferred storytelling prior to the day of the event.

You will have the exact team on the event day shooting your wedding, so you know that you will be guided by the same crew who you had consulted before.

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➡ Multi-Camera Setup

Although a single camera operator can sometimes suffice for your wedding;  having multiple camera setup is non-negotiable and ensures that not a single moment is missed. We capture that instance of your walking down the aisle and the look on your partner’s face.

How can we forget the audience’s reaction upon seeing you enter the venue for the first time?

We record that as well so that you have a perfect story when these shots are edited and blended into the final product. But, do not worry if your budget is best for one camera person. After all, you will already have a clear idea of what the final output will be as we will be discussing all that with you.

➡ Creative Editing Of Footage

Our video editors will capture the wedding video footage and you can also have a snippet of the first shots displayed on your reception. Obviously, that depends on the complexity involved and the logistics of your event.

We take every aspect into consideration while editing an event video as complex as a wedding. As we realise that you will be eager to watch your wedding video, we set the necessary timeframe and you can expect us to meet the deadline.

➡ No Hidden Charges – Clarity Of Packages

The wedding videography Melbourne package that you purchase will give you an idea of what the filming will be like. Whether you will be having footage from the candid moments of the bride getting dressed or the fun things that the groom’s friends did as part of the pre-wedding activities.

Do you want the final video to have the recording of the entire ceremony or the key parts such as the wedding speech, the bride’s entry, and the big exit?

Depending on your budget too we decide on the kind of format the video will be delivered to you. Whether that will be shorter highlights of the event or a single long video. We also create short trailer videos that you can post on social media. Hence, the final product varies and is always tailored to your budget.

➡ Do Not Forget The Audio!

Audio is a very big part of wedding videos, most people can tolerate footage that is not HD however, if audio is fuzzy and the audience struggles to hear the words, this will no doubt detract from the video. After all, there are so many fun moments on your wedding day like the best man’s speech and vows at the ceremony.

You don’t want to miss hearing any of that! So, you see plenty of art and love goes into putting together the three to four hours of footage filmed throughout the day. The wedding video is one of sentiment and we put in a lot of hard work to present you with a clip that doesn’t require re-editing.  

➡ Backup of Footage

All your precious wedding footage will be safely stored by us onto the cloud as a back-up just in case you ever need it. One thing money can’t buy is lost footage!    

✔ Wedding Videography Style

Flashback Feels has filmed many weddings in varied styles and different cultures. We check out with you what kind of videography style you want or the one that will suit your personality. Our work is heavily dependent on what style resonates with you – may it be glamorous or dramatic, soft and natural or a plain documentary style – we are comfortable with most requests you have.

We want you and your partner to be comfortable, posing naturally in front of the camera. For that, we spend some time with you prior to the event to build rapport with you. In Melbourne, we have filmed an abundance of couples who have been delighted with how well our team manages time and the anticipation of capturing candid moments.

We capture those detailed moments when you and your love exchange vows, the dance of the best man, or the giggling flower girl. These are the instances that can make a huge difference between a regular wedding video and a splendidly well-crafted one!

✔ Working Around The Crowd

We work around the crowd, knowing what needs to be shot and made to look natural. From your party animal workmates to your cousins, friends, and family – we handle the different situations and get the attention of the attendees so that we can shoot the best moments of the day!

Your wedding is not just about photography and videography alone, it’s about coordinating with other service providers too like the makeup artist, the stylist, the event manager, the florist, and more.

Being among the best wedding videography Melbourne service providers, We know how to work with them and manage the best footage during everyone’s workflow.

For instance, we work around with the venue managers especially if you’re being filmed at a church wedding, we talk to the priest to know where he will be standing and from where we can best capture both the video and the audio. 

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✔ Great With Coordinating

Your wedding videographer can also create the best experience of your lifetime with the way they handle your big event. Picking the right videographer will ensure that you treasure their work for years.

This lifetime occasion comes only once, and you want to make sure that you obtain the best wedding videography service from your videographer.

The day literally flies by and you cannot be in every place at the same time. After all, it is your wedding and the last thing you want to do is coordinate the proceedings. An experienced videographer will capture every aspect of the day beautifully, many of the things that cannot be shot in photos such as the vows, the music, and the toasts – we’ve captured all of these quite seamlessly. 

Many of our couples who have been on the fence about choosing wedding videography due to budget allowances often are so grateful that they opted to hire one. The cinematic highlights video is one they can watch for many years to come. If you’re looking for professional wedding photography and videography in Melbourne, please do reach out to us! 

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Mel and Gab’s Melbourne wedding was a photographer’s dream. The 14 hour day enabled us to access the best Melbourne wedding photography locations from the picturesque inner city tramlines and laneways to the regional outskirts of Melbourne. Ending in one of the most unique wedding venues in Melbourne, Windmill Gardens provided a great backdrop for the fireworks.

Set in a rustic woolshed boasting a large open air venue, this couple’s country wedding on the outskirts of Melbourne was both vintage and romantic. This couple were looking for a wedding photography team who would be able to capture their playful personalities in a candid way. Their wedding videography was also one of a kind: showcasing some of the most beautiful landscapes we have ever captured.

This gorgeous couple wanted to keep their day simple and elegant and our wedding photography and video team was able to reflect this in the delivery. Set in the relaxed and stunning venue of Butterfly – Red Hill, this beautiful area of Greater Melbourne was a rustic charm providing us with a great backdrop for an amazing night.